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Enter the Medaverse

Healthcare has a coordination problem. 

To fix the industry's most enduring challenges we need a better way of working together. Medaverse meets this need as a new type of organizational structure called a DAO. 

We're a passionate community that's openly exploring new, different, and exciting ways of delivering great healthcare at scale. We build towards a medical ecosystem with minimal costs, fully distributed governance, and maximal inclusivity and sustainability. 

To learn more about who we are and what we do, read the Community Manifesto on Notion:

Build a brighter healthcare future.

Medaverse is where clinicians, patients, entrepreneurs, and developers come together to workshop and fund transformative initiatives within the Web3 healthcare space. 

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Anyone, Anywhere

We represent a diverse set of backgrounds, opinions, skills, and expertise. We share certain values related to decentralization, patient and clinician empowerment, and grassroots healthcare reform. We each believe in a brighter healthcare future and work together to make it a reality. 

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Project Spotlight

Smart contract insurance reimbursement

Imagine a world where health insurance companies are rendered obsolete and service reimbursement is completely automated.


With web3 healthcare this is possible.

Scrubs, not Suits.

Medaverse is powered by decentralized governance. That means we have zero administrators- just groups of passionate people self-organizing how they want. You have the freedom to choose what you work on and how much time you spend on it. ​

  • A start-up culture with open opportunities to contribute.

  • Get rewarded in proportion to the value you provide.

  • Tokenized governance means members have a financial stake in the future of the DAO, along with voting rights.

  • Anybody can take initiative to make a proposal and create new working groups or change the way things are run.

What is a DAO Exactly?

DAOs Unlock How We're Supposed To Work

(noun - Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

DAOs are a new way for humans to come together to cooperate and accomplish the things we find meaningful. They are more democratic, transparent, accessible, and fair than any other organizational structure.

The basic premise is this: people from anywhere in the world come together over the internet with a shared mission and utilize the unique properties of blockchain to automate and/or decentralize whatever they collectively choose to do. All their activity is out in the open for anyone to see and their resources are accessible and auditable. 

DAOs are a key component of the next generation internet termed Web3. The impact Web3 will have on healthcare is significant and will drive innovation in DeHealth (decentralized healthcare). Medaverse DAO is positioning to facilitate this transformation with a ground-up approach.

Traditional Corporations and Businesses

  • Usually rigid hierarchy.

  • Activity is typically private and limited to the public.

  • Changes can be demanded from a sole party.

  • If voting is allowed, votes are tallied internally and the outcome of voting must be handled manually.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

  • Usually flat hierarchy and fully democratized.

  • All activity is transparent and fully public.

  • Member voting required to implement changes.

  • Votes tallied, and outcome implemented automatically without trusted intermediary.

Curious to know more? Learn directly from folks at the Ethereum Foundation:

The Community Pulse

Read the latest DAO updates and member posts

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Join Us

We're eager to meet you!

Active conversations and coordination happens in Discord.
Our shared files and workspace are held on Notion.

Confused where to start? We suggest checking out our Getting Started With Medaverse guide located on Notion.

We'd love your support. Please consider contributing

What does Medaverse DAO do?

Functionally, we act as a workspace, capital allocator, and launchpad for projects tackling healthcare related issues. We facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, engage in mentorship, and evangelize the potential of a brighter healthcare future. You can learn more about who we are, what we do, and what our core principles are in the 📜 Medaverse Manifesto.

How do I join?

Medaverse DAO is an open organization. That means it is free to join and anyone can contribute. All you need to do is accept the community guidelines (when you enter the Discord server) and have a verified email. Once that is done, introduce yourself in #👋intros and join the conversation in #😀general.

How do I get involved?

If you’re new, check out 🆕 Getting Started With Medaverse DAO. Ready to share your skills and step up to the plate? Post in #🙋Looking-for-work in the Discord server. If you have an interesting idea you want to explore, head to #🧠brainstorm.  Join your Project or Guild of choice in #📌role-select to receive notifications when you’re needed.

Do I get paid for my work?

We are actively engaging with grant providers to fund the advancement of the entire DeHealth space. So right now we're volunteer based. As the DAO scales we will have more funds to compensate and push forward new initiatives. This may mean hourly payments or even salaries for certain positions like project and guild leads.

Still have questions?
Read our complete FAQs page located on Notion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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